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Purchasing institutional-level data pays off

Competition charges around $500–$1500/mo.

Mid to high-frequency strategies on high-frequency data provide higher returns and Sharpe ratios compared to strategies on candles or longer time-frames.

We know of no free order book data source, as the volume of data is expensive to gather, store & transfer.

 α Tick trades and order book data contain information about significant, but brief market inefficiencies. Simply put, they contain much more alpha than candles.

Our detailed data make more precise backtests. This helps to avoid issues with completely different live trading results.

We offer jupyter notebook analyses made by us and our community for you to learn from. Here’s one of the analyses as an example. Also serves as a great starting point for your research!

Many quants try to collect detailed data from exchanges themselves, but that takes about 50+ hours of programming and infrastructure work just to start, even when you build on top of open-source tools. Considering the cost of your time, servers and maintenance, gathering data yourself gets far more expensive than our market data.

You can try our small sample data set for free!


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