We believe good decisions, especially in trading, have to be based on good data. And the data should be accessible to regular people and small teams, not just large institutions. After all, this is what the cryptocurrency world is all about: decentralization. Therefore we aim to come up with an efficient data platform that would benefit even small players in the crypto space and help them win against big funds and HFTs.

We started with CEX market data but would like to offer DeFi and on-chain data soon. And once we have a common β€˜data’ ground, we intend to start a marketplace for crowdsourced Jupyter notebook analyses. We would also offer bounties for advanced analyses, which would be included in our subscriptions.

There are many kinds of data available in the cryptocurrency space. To tame them all, we would like to follow a crowdsourcing approach and allow our customers to add data collectors by pull requests on our GitHub. They would get the niche data they need, we would take care of the infrastructure, and the rest of the community would benefit.

Check out the results πŸ‘€ or let us know what you think about our mission on our twitter 🐦.

We support

We are proud partner of Liquidity Labs, a market making firm providing market making for crypto tokens.