Do you find our service potentially useful for your social media followers? Would you want to support us by spreading the word? We are starting a mission to make detailed data available to everyone and are grateful for any help.

In exchange, we would like to offer $20/registered user who you refer to our site. That is roughly 31% of the first monthly payment after the usual 20% discount that we currently offer to everyone. Our conversion rate for relevant channels is around 1%, so if you for example refer 1000 users monthly to our site, you can expect around $200 per month.

How it works

You can link our website by using a referral code of your choice. The referred traffic is monitored by our system and we will send you your reward at the end of each month in USDT to an address of your choice. This can be even an exchange deposit address eg. on Binance.

We can even create custom landing pages for influencers with over 10k monthly followers. This way, you don’t have to use referral codes and we can provide a custom landing page relevant to your audience with a unique URL. We however suggest you disclose the link is promoted for the sake of transparency.

We also offer time-limited free full access to our data for selected influencers, so you can, for example, publish an analysis based on our data. And of course, we are happy for any feedback (form) on how to make our service better and more valuable for its users – please let us know. You can also try our publicly available free data right now, perhaps in our google collab example notebook.

Enter the program

To register, send us an email containing simply your name, email, referral code of your choice, and a payout usdt address on trx/trc20 network to [enable javascript]. We look forward to hearing from you!